The Montauk Project

Located in Camp Hero State Park in Montauk, New York, the massive AN/FPS-35 radar (more than 100 yards / 91 meters wide), sitting atop a 80 foot (24 meter) high blast-resistant concrete bunker is the centre stage for the Montauk Project conspiracy. 

The Montauk Project Gallery – The Philadelphia Experiment From A-Z (

The Montauk Project narrative got its start in earnest in 1992 with a self-published book by Preston B. Nichols called The Montauk Project: Experiments In Time [PDF].

There were already rumors that the American military had been conducting experiments in psychological warfare on the eastern end of Long Island as far back as the mid-1980s, so Nichols’ book added fuel to an already existing fire.

In terms of his actual claims, Nichols’ book goes all-in: experiments in mind control and telepathy, opening space-time portals to other dimensions, contact with alien life and the abduction of runaway children — all under the authority of a U.S. military program financed by Nazi gold recovered during World War II.


Experiments In Time | The Montauk Project by Preston B. Nichols & Peter Moon

The Unbelievable Real-Life Events that Inspired the Hit Netflix Series “Stranger Things“. The discussion includes, Project Montauk and the Underground Labyrinths of Camp Hero, Fallen Angel Technology and Experiments on Abducted Children, Grey Aliens and Satanic Ritual Abuse, The Stargate Program and the Demogorgon.