The Riddle of Living Water

The Riddle of Living Water – This video is an in-depth Bible study focused upon living water. I start by systematically discussing the Gospel of John’s many mentions of water and drawing out much of the meaning that God inspired in the text, by showing the selections in their proper context. I then show the connections between John’s living water theme and various Old Testament passages that shed light on what is meant by John. After this, I move on to connect John’s writings about living water in Revelation back to his Gospel as well as other various Old Testament passages. After finishing with John I discuss a handful of other places where living water shows up in the Bible, both in the Old & New Testaments. Finally, I close with a thorough discussion of the creation event found in Genesis 1 and my take on how living water is essential to it. Also be sure to watch till the very end of the video for a special testimony related to the topic of living water.

The Riddle of Living Water – YouTube